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Exhaust Fan & Motor Service

You have food that needs to be prepared and served, and you’ve got customers waiting. You don’t have time for mechanical failures that will slow you down, and you definitely don’t have time for issues that will put the safety of your business and your customers in jeopardy.

Our Solution to Exhaust Fan and Motor Issues

Grease, dirt, and other debris can get clogged within your exhaust fan, and the buildup can cause issues that delay or even incapacitate a business. If they aren’t functioning adequately, exhaust fan and motor issues present a serious problem for commercial kitchens. But we have a solution.

An Extreme Clean is staffed by professionals who know how to efficiently diagnose the problem and deliver a solution. Whether you have an existing issue or are simply looking for preventative treatment, we are proud to provide services that will keep your kitchens running smoothly, profitably, and safely.

What An Extreme Clean Offers

An Extreme Clean offers services supported by over a decade of experience and industry knowledge that stays on the cutting edge. What this means is that we can offer specialized services that are tailored to the individual needs of the client. We appreciate that our customers are counting on us, and we are devoted to delivering results that are nothing short of exemplary. When an AEC mployee comes to your restaurant,
aren’t just getting a technician; you’re getting a master in the trade. We are all fully certified and
work towards providing exemplary results and sound practices for each and every client.