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Emergency Service

Emergencies are referred to as such for a reason. They’re unexpected, they’re disruptive, and they require immediate attention. And in the commercial food industry, these emergencies inevitably cause stress and disruption.

An Extreme Clean is proud to be a name that you can count on when unwelcome surprises come into your kitchen. We appreciate that the success of your business hinges on a fully functioning hood and exhaust system, and we understand the negative impact that you face when a problem arises with these vital mechanisms.

Help Is Just A Call Away

If an emergency comes calling, you can count on the AEC to deliver professional service, effective results, and a quick turnaround. We know that you’re in a rush to get back into fully functional mode… And we tap into over a decade of experience to ensure that your problem becomes a solution in record time.

Our fully certified and insured professionals are equipped with the expertise to efficiently diagnose your issue and implement a fix. We’ll always come prepared with the tools and the knowledge to deliver lasting results that will allow your commercial kitchen to resume business as usual.

If an emergency arises, know that you can trust An Extreme Clean to navigate the issue with precision, efficiency, and effectiveness. We are the designated “problem solvers” for hood and exhaust systems, and we’re proud to say that our customers know that that they can always rely on us to get them up and running.

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