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Expert Commercial Power Washing

Managing a commercial business can feel like an uphill battle at times. It is essential to keep up appearance, yet challenging when so many factors are working against you. A steady flow of foot and car traffic, combined with a fast paced environment, don’t make “tidy” a straightforward achievement.

An Extreme Clean is proud to offer commercial power washing services that will transform any restaurant into a beacon of cleanliness. Offering over a decade of experience and knowledge our company is built on the highest standards… And our technicians know what it takes to make top-tier results the standard each and every time.

Here is a selection of the services that we offer.

Dumpster Pads
This can often feel like the most impossible space to keep tidy, but if you’re a restaurant manager, then you can appreciate how important it is for every inch of your property to exude tidiness and high standards. Our power washing services will rid your dumpster pads of buildup, stains, and other debris, ensuring that your repository for your restaurant’s refuse looks respectable and presentable.
Drive-Thrus and Parking Lots
Cars leak fluids; people drop food, gum, and other matter. Concrete parking lots or drive thrus endure an almost ceaseless flow of traffic, but they’re also a space that every customer interacts with. We’ll remove stains from harmful fluids, gum, debris, and other buildup, creating an inviting entryway and exit point for your restaurant.
Customers don’t always look up – but when they do, you have better believe that they’ll notice if your room looks like it’s in some dire need of TLC. Our power washing services remove algae, mold growth, stains, and any additional accumulations, ensuring a clean-cut image while improving the longevity of your building.

Please note that we can fulfill virtually any power washing need that your restaurant requires; please get in touch for more details!